Wear with Confidence

*Source: E.T.S.A.

(European Textile Services Association)

"Life Cycle Assessment of Surgical Gowns"

The home of quality UK made reusable surgical textiles


Reusable surgical wear is still the most cost effective option. According to research, reusable gowns have a lower environmental impact than single-use gowns.

"The European Committee for Standardisation (CEN) requires both single-use and reusable drapes and gowns to be resistant to liquid penetration, resistant to anti-microbial penetration and with the minimal release of particles." *

Anze surgical wear is manufactured to the highest standards; meticulously designed to protect the user and provide complete confidence.

The fabrics we use incorporate the latest technology utilising a combination of microfibres and non-woven laminates that are hydrophobic, breathable, low linting, anti-microbial, steam sterilisable, with static control and excellent tensile strength. They exceed the performance requirements of the European Standard EN 13795.

Equally important is user comfort and freedom of movement during procedures.

The Anze product range guarantees both.

EN 13795 Compliant

All our drapes and gowns are compliant to EN 13795

EN 11607 and EN 868 1 & 2 Compliant

Our wrappers comply to EN 11607 and

EN 868 1 & 2 

Fully Traceable     

All our surgical products carry a fully traceable CE mark